Digital Health Compendium

Harnessing the Power of Digital Health Technology for Family Planning and Reproductive Health

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What Is Digital Health?


Target Users: WHO classifies digital health interventions based on four categories of intended users.  Learn more about WHO’s Classification of Digital Health Interventions.

Enabling Environment Building Blocks: The digital health enabling environment consists of interrelated building blocks that support a robust national digital health ecosystem and the individual applications and systems that work within it. Learn more in the National eHealth Strategy Toolkit from WHO and the International Telecommunications Union.

Family Planning Program Classification: Digital health applications in family planning programs can be broadly classified as those affecting demand generation, service delivery, supply chain management, and the policy and enabling environment.

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Use of Social Media Influencers to Increase the Uptake of HIV and SRH Services Among Adolescents New

A Kenyan, Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered influencer marketing platform leveraging social media influencers to promote HIV testing, STI testing, and cervical cancer screening in Nairobi.

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Kampala Emergency Digital Transport System (KEDTS) New

A free online referral platform in Kampala, Uganda that providers referrals between health facilities and from the community.

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Rocket Health New

A 24/7 telemedicine service that offers convenient access to quality family planning, sexual reproductive health [KP1] and other health services in Uganda.

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Reproductive Health Empowerment Through Telehealth (REHEAT) Summary New

Leveraging telehealth to support men to access credible information on modern contraception.

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Delivering Innovation in Self Care (DISC) Project: Consumer Digital Companion New

An automated virtual assistant/chatbot that supports clients with information on contraception methods including self-injection.

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YAhealth (Youth and Adolescent Health) New

An innovative mobile and web application for accessing information on adolescent family planning and sexual and reproductive health.

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