Digital Health Compendium

Harnessing the Power of Digital Health Technology for Family Planning and Reproductive Health

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What Is Digital Health?


Target Users: WHO classifies digital health interventions based on four categories of intended users.  Learn more about WHO’s Classification of Digital Health Interventions.

Enabling Environment Building Blocks: The digital health enabling environment consists of interrelated building blocks that support a robust national digital health ecosystem and the individual applications and systems that work within it. Learn more in the National eHealth Strategy Toolkit from WHO and the International Telecommunications Union.

Family Planning Program Classification: Digital health applications in family planning programs can be broadly classified as those affecting demand generation, service delivery, supply chain management, and the policy and enabling environment.

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Kilkari, Mobile Academy & Mobile Kunji

Scaling up free mobile health education to 1 million community health workers and 10 million women in partnership with the Government of India

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iCycleBeads™ Smartphone Apps

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Chakruok Interactive Radio Program

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In Bangladesh, the power of health in every mother’s hand

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CycleTel Family Advice & CycleTel Humsafar

Bridging the gap between family planning knowledge and behavior

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